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One part of organizing that Erin feels particularly passionate about is helping those with chronic disorganization.  Growing up in an family where 10 plus members have ADD/ADHD, Erin has seen firsthand how chronic disorganization can be a large challenge in one's daily life.

She continues  to educate herself through classes and reading to ensure that she is able to provide solutions and systems that will benefit her clients. She has earned 10 certificates of study through the Institute of Challenging Disorganization that relate to the many different aspects of chronic disorganization.

Arranged By Erin Professional Organizing
Arranged By Erin Professional Organizing


Growing up in a large family where many of her cousins have ADD, it was a natural fit for Erin  to specialize in helping others with ADD related organizing challenges.  She understands the daily challenges and takes a brainstorming approach with her clients to find solutions that fit  their needs. She also speaks at many ADD/ADHD support groups around the Chicagoland area.


Erin is  the leading hoarding specialist in Chicagoland area. She has participated in an episode of Hoarding Buried Alive. Throughout her years as an organizer, Erin has helped many people with varying  levels of hoarding challenges make positive changes in their lives.

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