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Minnesota: The Hoarding Task Force

So Minnesota has started a Hoarding Task Force. Kudos to you Minnesota. I think that its a great idea to help people make changes in their lives. The brief press release stated that the group would be made up of health professionals, and home service providers. They estimate that around 10,000 people in Minnesota have hoarding issues.

Chicago is another area where there are a lot if hoarding problems. It makes me wonder if they long winters have something to do with it. I know for some people its a challenge to get their trash out. I too experienced this when I had to wallk over ice to get to my garbage in the alley behind my building.

Whatever the reasoning, I am glad that the first task foce has been created. I hope that other cities will follow suite. This is a serious problem. It not only affects the hoarders, but families, and the neighbors. It makes for an unsafe environment for everyone.

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