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Conquering the Consignments

A little too much retail therapy over the last few years? You are not alone. People shop for a multitude of reasons. So what to do with the excess in your life? Think consignment. Most of the consignment stores on average take 50% of what they make off your items. You also have to keep in mind that just because you paid bank doesn’t mean it will sell for that (sounds like the real estate market). Alot of the stores keep you items for around 60 days. During that time the price will be reduced a couple of time. They often ask you to check back for your cash.

Here are some places I have worked with:

  1. Platos Closet…They pay pennies of what your item is worth but cash up front. They gave me $10 for a pair of $80 shoes.

  2. Buy Popular Demand…Love the owners. They still don’t get traumatized when I pull up with a car full of stuff. They are also a good resource for selling fur coats in the winter. I sold quite a few last year for clients.

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