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Creating Space in the Studio Apartment

Whether you are starting out, going through a transition, or on a budget, you might find yourself living in a studio apartment. One room for bedroom, kitchen, and the living room can be cozy but tough on the storage.

Its essential and important for not only your sanity but for your stuff to use all your space. Some studios that I have organized have two large closets for storage and clothes. Those are a dream come true. Most of the studios that I have worked in, have very one closet and a few kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips to maximize your space.

  1. Think trundle or loft bed. Both allow you to have storage underneath

  2. Use the space above your kitchen cabinets. Baskets or milk crates can be used to create extra space.

  3. Futon couches also allow for storage under them.

  4. Use a shelving system against the wall to create extra storage for misc items like electronics.

  5. Use your vertical wall space.

  6. If you don’t have a closet for coats, buy a coat hook.

  7. Be conscience about the space of your furniture and the number of pieces you have. Furniture placement can make a huge difference. It can open up a room or make it look cluttered.

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