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Do hoarders raise hoarders?

Do hoarders raise hoarders? Do minimalists raise kids that want to live without lots of stuff? What about those savers? Does your upbringing affect the way you choose to run your house! I am saying hell yes!

I have seen both sides of the coin. I have seen families in which the parent is a saver and one child becomes a tosser and the other becomes a saver. A saver is not necessarily someone that hoards stuff. Savers have the mindset that they will need the item one day or it can be used again. Some savers are hoarders.

Yes, my precious grandma was a saver. She was one of nine kids and believed in finding new purposes for things. Her home was and is still spotless (and you wonder where I came from?).

My mother, learned the saving skill from her mother. Also being a teacher, and crafter, she is able to find multiple uses for things.

Her younger sister, who was traumatized by our grandmother’s saving mentality, is a tosser. I had to pack/purge her 7000 square foot home when she downsized and was traumatized by the waste and items that she tossed in the dumpster.

Has my upbringing influenced the way that I live? Yes, it has. I have a spotless and organized home from my grandmother and mother’s influence. I also do save items that I feel I will use again. I have a very realistic view on my life and what items I need and what I let in the door.

According to the department of Psychiatry, 85% of hoarders can identify another family member who has hoarding isses. I have personally worked with families that have multiple members that have hoarding or excessive saving issues.

I have personally worked with families in which I can see the parent influencing the child. Hoarding tendencies can be developed at any age. I have seen children that are as young as five with the “hoarding personality.”

An estimated 1.2 million Americans suffer from hoarding issues. According the the Insitute of Challenging Disorganization, there are seven different levels of hoarding.

Its very important for parents to teach their children “healthy” decision making when it comes to their belongings. Children need to understand about recycling, waste, and donating items. They also need to understand the shelf life of items.

One of the best things my mother taught me was the purge my closet each season(I didn’t get new clothes if I didn’t). Then we sat down and decided what items I needed to replenish my wardrobe. It’s a lesson that I still follow to this day!

Part of being happy and heathly is having the environment to match!!

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