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Holiday Travel-Organized

It’s that time of the year again! Holiday Season has crept up on us. Besides the parties, events, and the gift buying, some of us have to travel.

Yup, that is me. The single child in the family. Each year I have to travel to my relatives. Whether its Texas or Maryland, this chick is on the road or in the air.

The first few years I lived in Chicago, I decided it would be fun to drive home to Texas. After all, I am pretty used to long road trips. My family drove around the country in a red volvo. I think we were the original Griswalds.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your holiday travels:

  1. Write a list of what you need to bring.

  2. Your method of travel also depends on how you transport your gifts. When driving, I am able to have them already wrapped up and ready to go under the tree. If I fly, they can’t be pre-wrapped due to airline regulations. Sometimes I order things online and ship them directly to my relatives home.

  3. Pack light. My family is very casual around the holidays. There is no dressing up for dinner in the Kelly house. When I go home, I pack some jeans and a few shirts. I keep it simple.

  4. Do a little prep work each day. I set out my suitcases a few days before I leave.

  5. Prepare and clean your house. It’s always nice to come home to a clean house. Yes, I do my laundry and clean before I leave.

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