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Knick Knacks; A Reality

During a home clean out or a massive purging process, you always find them. Yes, I am talking about knick knacks, decorative items, and misc things. Alot of these treasures tend to get buried in the past. Sometimes they stay packed from move to move.

And now you are ready to sell them. Because they are all worth money! Lets be realistic here. Certain trendy items just aren’t wanted anymore. I don’t see people running out to buy breadmakers. Also, those hummels and milk glass that you grandparents collected, have really dropped in price.

Some items, because of their age are considered kitsch or vintage. They can be sold in a second hand store or antique shop.

The first step is to find a few dealers. Most antique and vintage dealers are only interested in certain items. Its best to contact a few of these people and let them pick through what you have to sell.

I just finished a clean out project in which we had three different dealers come over to view the items. Each person took different things. Some of the items my client felt should have been taken like a set of plastic dishes(from her husband’s mother) were left. Other items that shockingly went where old postcards and an organ stool.

When you start a clean out process, its important to have a staging area. If possible line up tables to display the items. Put like with like. Its important for all the knick knacks to be viewable to the potential buyer.

Don’t be offended if they don’t take something you consider a treasure. Times have changed and people have too!

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