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Party Planning; Organizer Style

Its t-minus five days still I host my annual party for the Chicago Professional Organizers. I have hosted many a party but when these ladies come to call, my place must be pristine.

So with a full schedule, how do you through a nice party? You write a list and break it down. Everytime I throw an event at the Kelly Casa, I create a “party list”. It goes something like this:

  1. Menu- What food am I making- then emerges a grocery list of what I need to buy.

  2. Beverages- I do a pull from my wine cellar.

  3. Plates and Silverware- depending on the number of people at the party, I use what I have or get plastic ones.

  4. Seating- Depending on the number of guests, I may bring up chairs and tables from my storage area.

  5. Decorations- I only decorate when it’s a holiday party. I do set a nice table each time.

After creating my list, I do a few things each day. This helps to alleviate the overwhelming feeling the day of the party. For instance, last night, I set up the holiday decorations, pulled the wine, brought up the platters, and made the menu.

Today I will pick up plates and silverware for the event. Tomorrow is grocery pick up.

The night before I throw a party, I set out the wine and wine glasses. I clean the office and bedroom. I also cook anything that can be premade.

The day of the party, I cook the rest of the items. I also clean the kitchen and bathroom. And then I mop the floors. The last thing I do is set the table and open the vino!

So no matter what type of party you are having, preplanning goes along way. If you break down your “party tasks,” you won’t feel so stressed at party time. You will be able to relax and have a good time with your guests!!

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